Why choose to linger this week on the most basic shirt of our wardrobe? Because the answer to the question is not just as basic as it looks! In your opinion? The white shirt must simply be IMPECCABLE: a beautiful white well-maintained and a beautiful material well ironed.

Many women tell us that they love to wear white cotton or lawn shirts in summer and they are surprised by adding: "Yet it is a basic ...” When we ask them what stops them, they say they have no other idea than to wear it with a black Bottom or dupatta and they end up tired of this too "conventional" combination.

We will see that the white shirt is a real trump card and not a boring basic that serves us two to three times a year (interview, great opportunity, festivities, somber occasions, meeting, graduation etc...). No and no, its role is not only to be able to "look good" when we do not know what ceremony of business to apply it for?

The white shirt has a real power of style that allows her to create a look that can go from the most conventional to the most pointed. After reading this blog, you will see your white shirt quite differently!

Indeed, we have concocted a synthesis of the best combinations of fashion look with a white shirt. The principles underlying them are so simple to remember that you can easily apply them on a daily basis.

 White shirt is your best ally for dare to assume

It allows you to dare the court at the office: with it, you can safely start the adventure of bell bottoms or straight pants.

It allows you the fantasy of strong pieces. For example, it softens an important piece of bright color. It allows to temper a piece of character without making eccentric. Finally, it allows daring the extra glitter pant during dine out or other dressed evenings.

 The white shirt is your best ally because she is transformist

The same shirt can look very different depending on how you wear it. The white shirt kurta has several faces. It does not have a personality but a MULTITUDE as YOU decide:

Finally, to make it itself "accessory" of other clothes: for example, it accessorizes very well the sailor collar + bottom of the shirt. It also accessorizes with a printed ethnic shrug to make it look urbaner.

To conclude, there is still a small condition unavoidable for all these combos are successful! Check out for impeccable stitching online.