Discover all our ideas to look stunning to feel beautiful this summer, with advice and fashion faux-pas to avoid. How about a bit of retro fusion this season? Yes, an 80s casual look with a shirt more to be known as metallic silk fashion with blown up sleeves, oversized flare pants, and belted shoulders.

Shirt pattern to choose: one chooses it oversized in striped patches, with a neglected worn neo baggy cotton or lawn bell-bottom pant. Accessorize it with lace on the ankle strap.


To live in uncompromising fashion and at the forefront of all designer summer trends like all fashion models is now possible. Thanks to signs that claim a real expertise and know-how to adapt to different forms of stitching and patterns as per season. Putting its assets in value while being chic has become easier, provided you meet certain criteria to sublimate you by erasing small defects.

The good look of summer 2017

If you have a bust menu but hips and wide thighs prefer a flared joint dress or a tight size, choose it printed with flowers, polka dots or very long bohemian chic version. We say yes to the colored shirts and vibrant kurtas that attract the eye up the body.


And with the tones of the season: pastel, denim, flashy prints … the loose pants or flared pants, worn with heels to take to the height, are pieces to privilege for their comfort and their modernity. We also adopt the lawn pant suits always on the front of the stage this summer, worn with sandals it will follow you throughout the day with style.


For those of you with shoulders and hips in the same alignment, i.e. the famous H-shape, the shirt is perfectly surmounted by a pair of wedge sandals to lengthen your silhouette.Rounded curves will benefit from wearing tight clothing at the waist.

Finally, what one absolutely avoids:

The low waist pants unflattering because it cup; on the contrary lengthen your silhouette to the maximum with a trousers with effect gaining for example. And now you have to choose your inspiring outfit among the trendy looks to feel beautiful and well in your latest designer suits.


We are sure you have understood the way one needs to be dressed as per morphology this summer. So what are you waiting for? Order your latest lawn suits and get them stitched online without any hassles.