The tunic is one of the essential pieces of the feminine wardrobe, but its choice is not always obvious. For it is said, the lawn tunic does not go with everything, especially if it is badly worn! So here are some tips on how to wear the tunic with style in summer focusing the lawn collection 2017.

Choosing the lawn tunic

The first thing to know with the lawn tunic is that it goes to everyone. All morphologies are welcome. Menus, square shoulders, small belly, wide hips or around fashion fan there is only one thing to remember: the tunic will go!


Moreover, it is the must to dress when you are round. With twigs, the tunic will give more volume, to the more full-blown women, it will camouflage some small curves can be too generous. When choosing tunic from the lawn collection 2017, only one thing should matter to you: your look. As a good fashionista, when you do your shopping, think about the style you want to adopt.

For a statement style:


You can adopt a tunic with round neck fashioned lawn shirt that is a little ampler down. The imperative? Choose it from the printed lawn collection 2017 and colored preferably. Why? Because it goes with everything and that as a bonus it is a class like everything!

For a more boho style:


For a boho style, you can put on a tunic more colorful with patterns: flowers, geometric shapes, everything is allowed! All organic cotton of course!

For a chic style:

We prefer the lawn tunics in a way that it is lighter or with an embroidered, pearl or rhinestone pattern. The must?


Take it black. Why? Just because black is the color of elegance, but of course the latest lawn collection 2017 prints are pretty alluring.

For a more ethnic style:


We take inspiration from the style of the Asians for their garish colors. But we need to keep in mind the V-neck version and fine embroidery.

For a floral style:


The hippest trend unveils our shoulders and dares the tunic elasticated at the waist. English embroidery and lace are welcome, it’s so romantic.

For a more classic style:


Let’s avoid the surplus of fantasies this summer and chose the lawn collection 2017 tunic as the simplest, the straightest so as to be able to play fashion accessories then.