Soft, pleasant and usual material, cotton, we wear almost every day. So since half of our wardrobe is made of cotton, not counting our sheets and towels, it is of public utility to unveil how this fabric is maintained.

Just like wool, cotton knows that there are several. Yes ladies, there are different kinds of cotton. Here we will try to answer some of your questions but above all we will explain how to keep the cotton as soft as the first time! What are the benefits of cotton clothes? How to maintain them?

First, what is cotton?

Cotton is a vegetable fiber that surrounds cotton seeds. This fiber is then transformed into yarns themselves woven to manufacture fabric. Since the nineteenth century and with the help of all the industrial advances that constitute it, cotton has become the first textile fiber in the world.

The advantages of wearing cotton

Cotton has a high absorbency: cotton vegetable fiber can absorb up to 8.5% of its weight in water. Needless to say, it is thanks to this property that cotton is very often used for making bath linen.

Do you bet on your labels that your towels, bathrobes and other washcloths are made of cotton? Cotton is one of the fabrics able to withstand high temperatures. White cotton is thus boiled.

On the other hand, the cotton supports ironing with hot iron (2 points on the maintenance codes). A hot iron can nevertheless turn white cotton.

How to care for cotton clothes?

One of the main advantages of cotton is washing. Not fragile, it goes without problem in machine at 40 degrees for shirts or at 30 for delicate clothes like slips.

In general, there is a cotton care code on clothes and fabrics with pictograms that advise you on the optimum wash temperature. For your clothes, it avoids a temperature really too high but especially a washing too frequent that damages the fabric and risks to relax it.

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