Baggy shirts are timeless, we love them. And when timeless products are transformed in the form of a dress, we cannot resist!

The lawn shirt, oversize shirt or long shirt is part of these basics that charm us with its variations always in keeping with the seasonal trends. And this year between oversize, superposition, asymmetry and diverted pieces, one has only the embarrassment of choice when to style to adopt.

 The long or short shirt will, therefore, suit all options but also at all occasions. So to choose the look to associate with this basic so stylish, you are shown how to wear it according to the look you want.

 How classy 

A long shirt granted to a small chic and sophisticated pouch will give you a soberer but also classy to assume the mid-calf length of our adored basic!


Play on an asymmetrical length to give more cachet to your hippie chic look! A pair of derbies will reinforce the preppy side of this timeless bohemian look. The thing is not to forget to play the effect of superposition. To be enhanced with a bell or straight bottom for a perfect style! 

It’s All Casual 

A particularly long shirt associated with a simple pair of slippers will do the trick for this casual look.  Layer with an oversized dupatta released for cooler days. Associate this style with a manicure and a makeup perfect not to exaggerating it much!

 Sophisticated With A Set Of Asymmetry

For an ultra-lit fashion look, it's the latest trends that must be adopted! Asymmetric shirt and slit on the side will be welcome. And detail not to forget especially one side for a conceptual-worked effect!

 Urban Touch 

In the urban jungle, you like to stroll, then dare to show it! Animal print will dress with simplicity but bring modernity to your shirt.

 Elegant with cool pumps

You go out? You just have to accessorize your cotton or lawn shirt to transform it into genuine evening dress. A pair of gorgeous heels will look great at your lawn shirt!