The electric blue or blue is a color that can be difficult to match when you need to dress, but this is not the impossible. It is a color that goes to many people, and especially to people who are Asians with hair color brown or dark brown. 

There is an infinity of colors and impressions that we can wear with this tone of blue to achieve a perfect look. In this blog, here is how we explain how to match a high electric blue.

Dare blue with blue

One of the least risky bets to tune an electric or island blue shirt is to opt for a navy blue colored bottom. 

Whether its trousers, pants, shalwar, tights or tulip, any black bottom will do the trick with this tone of blue.

Serenity of Beige

Another possible option is to choose the beige or cream color to match it with your blue shirt. This will create a nice contrast with this light color.

 Always the White

White also forms a good combination with electric blue and it will work with any garment.

 Happiness with Mustard yellow

A great assortment idea for your blue shirt is to wear it with something mustard-colored, be it a pant or shalwar. The set will be ideal!

 The vibrant fuchsia

For the more daring, the assortment of blue with a pink or fuchsia will also be very tasteful.

 The color-block

The color-block designates fashion to dress with blocks of colors, without ornaments and usually with a lot of contrast between them. From this shape, you can wear your blue shirt or even bottom with yellow, green, orange, etc.

 Printed material

It is also possible to combine your blue lawn or cotton shirt with printed pants, for example with motifs inspired by an animal, flowers, geometric, digital etc.

 Accessories to use with a blue dress

It is sometimes not so easy to know what accessories to wear with a completely plain dress a beautiful blue dress, whether electric blue, royal, navy, island, etc. it can dare our problem if we do not know what supplements are those who are better off with. 

But as this is no problem for you, use of silver or metallic accessories with a blue dress can be a shining star. Facing issues with your tailor? Let’s go for stitching online.