To begin, ask yourself good questions: what situation do you want to get a shirt for? Do you need it for work or is it not necessary? Do you want to get closer to the "costume" effect, or on the contrary, you can go away with a casual style? 

Are you ready to maintain it? More importantly, is the shirt to your taste that is to say beyond the work what position do you want to give it in your style? Take the time to think about it. 

 Make sure you have easy-to-wear and wearable parts in everyday life 

One thing to be sure is not to overdo the tones and patterns: avoid the kind of seduction that combines flashy pieces: pointed shoes and silk pants. An impeccably stitched printed lawn shirt gives the idea of style to dress you up in summer. 

Here are some initial guidelines:

    • Make sure that the shoulder seams are on the bone protrusions. There should not be too much volume under the armpits. 

    • The shoulders are not enough to know if the size of the shirt suits you. 

    • The way the garment takes the pectorals matters: the whole thing should not be too floating or too tight.

    • The sleeve size: take them too long and you will have created ape effect!
    • Make your first summer choice with shirts is in plain white or pastel print colors. 

  • For patterned pieces, use fine gray, blue or red stripes.

Never forget this principle: quality rather than quantity. A quality piece for a little more expensive will last longer with good maintenance (respect the clothes that serve us well) than a shirt that not only will not serve your appearance but will have to be replaced quickly.