High-waist returns to the front of the stage and stands out as a must have of our wardrobe. Elegant, it knows how to highlight the silhouette, provided you know how to wear it!

The high-waist trousers have become a must-have in the 1950s and 1970s and became a must-have in the 1970s and 1990s. Relegated to the back of the wardrobe and largely dethroned by low-waist trousers in recent years, yet in strength, for our greatest pleasure!

Chic and elegant, it is particularly advantageous for the silhouette. Gone are the little belly and love handles that pass over the belt. Thanks to it, the abdominal strap is held without being tightened and the silhouette, slender.

Which model for which silhouette?

Whether you are small, tall, and slim or with more generous shapes, the high waist pants is your best fashion ally. Be careful, however, to choose the right model.

If you are small, opt for a straight or slim cut, perfect for slender silhouette.Forget the wide or flared shapes that tamp. Do not hesitate to opt for a clear pattern or pattern. A simple way to divert attention from your waist.

If you are rather tall or thin, opt for waist high or flared trousers, such as the flare. It breaks the effect of size and gives a little more build. Bet on light colors and thick fabrics to ensure maximum appearance and look. And do not forget to use and abuse patterns with details: patterns, front or back pockets, which guarantee a little more thickness to your silhouette.

Finally,if you have generous shape, the high waist pants is THE model to decline in your wardrobe. It shapes the silhouette and erases the small curves to perfection. You have the pretty flat stomach! Opt for a straight cut model if you are petite or more flared if you are tall, plain and dark colored, preferably, to refine the silhouette.

How to wear it?

The good news is that the high waist pants can match with many other pieces and thus offer a palette of varied looks. It is up to you to determine the style you want to adopt. For a more casual look: do not hesitate to wear the high waist pants with a loose Kurta or tunic.

Match it with a shrug and ballerinas. Bring a little femininity to the set with bulky jewels or even a scarf or a stole … and the turn is played!