We do not hesitate to opt for a maximum volume for the dresses, and we marry it with the top chic straight shirt, a short hem shirt or with slim pants or slim jeans to balance the oversized proportions and succeed this hyper look trend!

So what are you girls waiting for? This summer we got to step into the world of glamor with bell sleeves all in rage.

Sometimes classic, sometimes fashion, the bell sleeves proudly combine with the feminine and all fashions. The long sleeve shirt for women meets the strictest dress codes: white crisp cotton shirt, satin shirt, shirt with halter neck or applique, bell sleeves have taken over unanimously.

It also serves the rock look via a lawn printed or plaid shirt over the grunge style bell bottom pants or mingling it with a fitted cut shirt for a vintage look.

How to fall for the bell sleeves?

So many questions to ask yourself to find the ideal bell sleeve shirt. This summer, it’s time to immediately fall in love with these voluminous sleeves that awaken the holding of an incontestable elegance. In short, you will love it! You will see, if you adopt them for an outing or an evening, you will not go unnoticed. Better, you’ll be all the rage.

These bell sleeves are more aesthetically picked, styled and drafted. They thus return in the court of the great and now dress more glamorous and sophisticated. So enlarged, they have only one objective: to accompany you to all the outings and evenings where you want to take effect!

With their imposing volume, they will magnify each of your movements. So drop the footwork, henceforth your arms will make you more glamorous than ever. It is necessary to dare to pursue these pieces which will negotiate only with the most audacious fashioners!

Fortunately, its summer and the festive season is round the corner so once again let’s go ahead by preparing the hunting ground and selecting the most coveted bell sleeve pieces of the moment. Choose from the stitched or get them stitched online. Let the bells sleeves ring your way!