If you were to take a walk in a girl’s walk-in closet, you would unequivocally see that the majority of their wardrobe comprise of black or white clothes or a mixture of both. We love the black and white duo no matter with a slight color crush or keeping it mainstream.

We like to wear different colors, but when we shop, we automatically at most of the times are attracted to black and white patterns (peas, striped, tribal, etc.) and neutral clothes. Apart from black and white, a tinge of yellow or orange adds in the sheer craze. You can also check out the neon version to actually team best, however, do not forget to accessories. Grab a yellow clutch or a tote bag if you are wearing the black shirt with white bell bottoms.

When a girl has to make choices coming out of the dressing room, it is often for the black and white or least with black to opt, because she knows that it will be easier to arrange, the possibilities being endless. She is also certain that she will not tan the attire as quickly as my orange or pink shirt may get, for example.

All that to say that the possibilities of approaching the black and white without it being too boring are many. Here are a few examples.

Color accessories

Are you afraid that your black and white outfit will lack punch? One of my favorite options for a little more originality is to add a hint of little color through funky accessories: earrings, bag, shoes, statement necklace, shrug, scarf etc…! What say?

You will ensure that your look is not too dull or classic while being able to customize it according to the occasion. Besides, if you read my article on cobalt blue, you know that this is probably my favorite color accessories to mix with black and white.


Another way to stand out is the overlay of clothes and accessories. We do not mean that you have to wear tons of clothes (girls are a fan of the simple black pants + white t-shirt) but you can simply opt for a short boho style shirt, and a scarf, a collar, and a jacket.

What does that change you say? Well, the look will be more complete, more personalized and it will give the impression that the outfit has really been thought.


We told you about it earlier, we have a fixation on the patterns and even more when they are black and white. We find it beautiful and classy while being a little more original.

Whether you choose a dress, Aladdin pants, a ruffled shirt, a lawn kurta or a chiffon blouse, you will not have too much difficulty to arrange it with the other clothes of your wardrobe. You can even, if you feel comfortable, wear a shirt and a bottom of the different pattern. The options are endless!


The same principle as in decoration: the different textures (lawn, cotton, linen, khaddar, quilted, chiffon, silk, etc.) add style and style to a look.

Often, it is a single element to make all the difference. So, what’s your black and white code of this spring/summer season?