The basic principles are important to remember: choose a good cut and you will be sure to have made half the way for a good buy. The cut is the first criterion to be styled and dressed to the right style. It is a good challenge for every woman who wants to dress well.

In our habit of wearing dresses that are too large or too tight, a garment with a good fit seems to us uncomfortable and imprisoning.

For the case of the shirt, especially if you have worn "parachutes" so far, you may feel that you cannot move. This sensation will gradually fade away.

For the slimmest, take fancy shirts that are to say close to the body, it will flesh out your silhouette. If you are big do it especially pay attention to the width?

For those with a bit of build, keep a single word in mind: Fitted! And if you have very pronounced shoulders see the straight cut slightly fit. It may be that stitching will greatly improve the result. Attention to the length, the garment must cover your bust correctly according to your movements.

For goods bearing, straight, and not curved. Make sure that the sleeves are not too wide and that the back is not parachuting at the back. Do not hesitate to make a small retouch when getting the dress stitched to remedy and have a piece perfectly adapted to your morphology.

The loose effect

The loose effect is one of the many tricks that have been gathered. You will learn new content on how to match your shirts and intelligently use accessories, from simple bracelets to watches and shoes.

You can create a loose effect, that is to say, dressing a little more ample and relaxed, with a shirt: exit of the baggy pants and the sleeves turned up. It is very comfortable and ideal for less conventional times.